Manu Koch

On his debut album Manu Koch layed the groundwork for what would become the project Filtron M. His eclectic compositions are brought to life by a diverse group of musicians from around the globe.

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Colette Michaan

The third solo album of Colette Michaan, Incarnate/Encarna—the second, since her amazing album Querencia—is a notable achievement on various levels. The team of pianist and arranger Pablo Vergara, the quintessential trombonist Ruet Regev, violinist Mireya Ramos, sensational harmonica player Grégoire Maret, bassist Jorge Bringas, percussionists Román Díaz, Luisito Quintero, Yusnier Sánchez Bustamante and drummer Harvey Wirht as well as Fernando Aponte, Akihiro Nishimura and Tim Marchiafava (engineers), photographer Erin O’Brien and graphic designer Andrea von Bujdoss have combined to produce an album of lasting beauty. The nine tracks are quite fascinating, the title track and “Wisdom” are two of the most brilliant leaving you with the distinct impression of impassioned, whimsical improvisations, while “Identidad,” featuring extraordinary work by Ms. Regev, is another one of those joyous songs that stick in the mind like a proverbial and welcome burr. The latter is boldly experimental with passages of prescient Colette Michaan.

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Razia Said

Razia is schooled in the gentle sounds of Malagasy salegy music – accordions, acoustic guitars, lukanga lutes and valihas, the traditional bamboo zithers found across the country. With mellifluous electric guitars, Akory vibrates with an upbeat mood. But for all the sweetness of the music and its easy harmonies, there is a terrible brutality to her message. Songs with titles such as ‘How Will We Survive?’,

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Hassan Hakmoun

New York- The iconic musician who put North African trance traditions on the map is back with a soaring, hypnotic album with rock drive.




A swinging tribute to the father of modern Afro-Surinamese music. Fra Fra Sound and guest vocalist Carlo Goedhart pay tribute to legendary tenor saxophonist Kid Dynamite (1911-1963). Born in Suriname, Kid Dynamite became one of The Netherlands' most colorful jazz musicians. Blending American jazz, Surinamese kaseko and calypso from Trinidad, he earned high respect from fellow musicians for his distinct style. His performances were never officially released on record, leaving behind a legacy mainly in the form of written compositions and lyrics.

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With all songs arranged by Shaw himself, Gumbo Caribe represents a collection of originals and covers which incorporate rhythms from the French Caribbean and the Americas, while exploring alternative interpretations of traditional calypso.

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