Harvey B. Wirht is a professional  drummer, teacher, and producer. 

Born and raised in Suriname, Harvey commenced his music lessons at the Suriname Public Music Academy (VMS) with  his first drum teacher Albert Colins and later under the tutelage of Walter Greaves.

Not long after, he worked with Suriname’s biggest names in music such as Eddey Snijders, Herman Snijders and Juan Navia and joined the the Torarica Houseband for 6 years, performing alongside local and international featured artists. 

The next move was  pursuing  a Professional Music Degree at The Berklee College of Music where he studied drums with John Ramsey and was chosen by Phil Wilson to join the renown Rainbow Band. 

Harvey laid down the drum tracks on John Tchicai and Charlie Kholhase's “Life Overflowing” which was awarded “Outstanding jazz Album” in the Boston Awards 2000  and all drum tracks on lionel loueke's "guitafrica" guitar application for african music.

 Wirht has performed alongside Grammy Award artist Angelique Kidjo, who he has appeared with in the Jay Leno Show, the late night show with David letterman, the NAACP awards, Good morning America, and The peace ball for the inauguration of president Obama. He has also performed at the Kora Awards with best East African artist winner Eric Wainaina and Lionel Loueke. Other artists he toured with include Hassan Hakmoun, Leni stern, Chihiro Yamanaka, the Either Orchestra, Razia Said, Fra Fra sound, Prasanna Ramaswami, Hiro Hunshuku, Malika Zarra, Pascal Bokar  and Gino Sitson. 

With his unique and passionate sound Harvey has played on over 35 albums in different genres and has been in the studio with Grammy award winners Harry Belafonte and Lauren Hill. 

Wirht has  taught music at the Swarnabhoomi Academy in India and the Milton Academy in Massachusetts and has participated in " Giving back to my roots " a platform initiated by Rosita leeflang, for Surinamese artists living abroad to share their experience and knowledge with the Surinamese local artists.

Harvey Wirht,  has received the " Honorary order of the yellow star " one of the highest state decorations by the Surinamese government and is currently pioneering  Caribbo, a Suriname music project together with Ettienne Stadwijk, as well as producing the next album for singer songwriter Razia Said, titled  "The Road".